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Wine The Guv'nor Tinto

Felix Solis Avantis
14 %
990 ₽
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The wine is well suited to meat delicacies, jamon, stewed meat with vegetables and hard cheese.
Tasting Notes
The aroma has tones of red and black berries, balanced taste, soft rounded tannins and a long berry aftertaste
History of wine
Syrah is aged in barriques for 3 months.
About producer
Felix Solis is a wine holding company in Spain, one of the three largest wine companies in the country. Today, it is one of the world's leading wine producers and owns commercial and logistics centers in Japan, the United States, the Czech Republic, France, great Britain and Germany. The history of FELIX SOLIS begins in the 50s, when the company's founder Felix Solis Fernandes moved to Valdepenas and bought a small winery there. FROM the very beginning, the Felix SOLIS winery became a family business, and Felix's sons took an active part in the development of their father's business. Already in the 60s, the company became successful, supplying its wines not only to the best restaurants in Madrid, but also to other Spanish regions, the Spanish colony in Africa, and a little later - to Germany. The philosophical approach "to produce wine with the best combination of price and quality, combining old traditions and the latest technologies", allowed the company to become the largest wine importer in Spain (more than 80 countries). According to the British magazine ISWR, in 2006. in terms of production volume, Felix Solis Avantis took the tenth place in the world ranking of the largest wine companies. In addition to ordinary wines from Castile La Mancha, Felix Solis also produces wines from various high-level regions under the name "Pagos Del Rey". These wines have high ratings and are often presented in Michelin-starred restaurants.
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