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Wine Le More Sangiovese Superiore

Azienda Agricola Castelluccio
13 %
1,410 ₽
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The wine will make an excellent pair for a wide range of dishes, but especially well accompany poultry dishes with berry sauces and fried red meat.
Tasting Notes
The aroma of the wine is clean, expressive, fragrant with the aroma of raspberries and other berries. The taste is Mature, lively and well balanced. It has a long fruity aftertaste, reminiscent of summer forest clearings full of strawberries.
History of wine
The vineyards are located between Faenza and forlí at an altitude of 250-500 m, in the so - called "ancient Tuscany"-an area that until the 30s belonged to neighboring Tuscany. The total area of land plots is 50 hectares, of which 12 hectares are allocated for vineyards, 2 hectares are occupied by olive groves, the remaining 36 hectares are forests, buildings and vacant land. In 1975, microzones were identified on soils rich in marl and limestone, especially suitable for planting vines and producing high-quality wines. The land was occupied by 3 main varieties: Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. Sangiovese ranks first in terms of area as the most important.
About producer
Wine house Castelluccio was founded in the 1970s, its main consultant is Vittorio Fiore (owner of the farm Podere Poggio Scalette in Chianti Classico). The modern approach to the cultivation of the first 6 hectares of vineyards brought its excellent results very quickly-there was a wine Ronco delle Ginestre from Sangiovese and the acclaimed Ronco del Re from Sauvignon Blanc, both from separate vineyards. In 1999, Vittorio, with the participation of the brothers hermano and Gianmichele and his son Claudio (also an oenologist), acquires most of the shares and joins the existing structure and team at that time. Vittorio, who helped the Casteluccio household gain international recognition and fame, still provides support as a consultant. Casteluccio has always been considered the leading company in the region.
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